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"The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him." 

Psalm 28:7

  • Erica Lasan

#ThriftyThursday: Sporty + Bohemian = Spohemian (for under $40)!

It's time for another Thrifty Thursday! Today's "Spohemian" look was centered on comfort, convenience, and obviously these kick-ass pants! :)


Why Spohemian you may ask? Well, to be honest I really just wanted to be comfortable, and these pants just ooze comfy-chill-- but the accessories (my QuÉrica Jewels) kind of kick things up a notch. I think this is where the look gets elevated from potentially "bummy" to bohemian status. lol

I really wish I wasn't in a rush, because otherwise I I probably would've opted to let down out my twistout over wearing the baseball cap. But for some reason, once I put the Adidas cap on there was something about it that I really liked. It felt like the outfit gave off relaxed chic without trying too hard-- and that's totally my vibe.

Here's the scoop on where I got the goods:

Baseball Cap: Marshalls

Blouse: Callalilai (SoHo)

Pants: Goodwill (In Central Jersey)

Jewelry: My personal handmade jewelry line QuÉrica Jewelry (sold online)

Choker: Nigeria

Bangle and Ring: street purchase from Cuba

Leather Bag: Callalilai (Nolita)

Sandals: Marshalls

It's In The Details

In this case, the accessories really made my day... even more so because they're from my handmade collection. I really love the warmth of the metals with the neutral colors in the pants-- and I love how they also played with the textures and colors of the layered leather/cowrie choker.

Fun fact: I got this cowrie choker 3 years ago when I went to visit my family in Nigeria for two months. A group of us were hanging out at Elegushi Beach, when a vendor walked by with some crafted goods. I was checking them out (because you know I luhhhhh me some crafts, especially crafted jewels), and I guess I was staring at this piece super hard because my amaaaaaazing cousin Dapo got it for me! It has since been one of my favorites momentos from that trip, and one of my favorite necklaces... I wear it all. the. time. lol

Aside from that choker and my QuÉrica Jewelry, the other standout accessories were also pieces that I acquired from oversea experiences. The open bangle that I'm wearing next to my QuÉrica Coin Bracelet, and the Cigua Ring (also known as "caracoles" or sea snail) were both purchased when I went to Cuba earlier this year.

Besides the accessories, my other favorite part of this outfit are the pants-- which I happened to pick up for less than $3 in a recent thrifting haul with my live rich mommy friend, Sunnie. She was actually the one who spotted them and passed them on over. I liked them at first glance, and loved them even more once I saw that the red colored tags were half-off that day. SOLD! :)

The blouse and leather bag are both items that I earned while working at this awesome boutique in SoHo called Callalilai a couple years back. Their stuff was so cute, but the company and its aesthetic has since changed. So sad! I was obsessed with all of their stuff, and to this day many of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe (that I still receive compliments on, on a regular basis), came from there.

Though the hat may have made this outfit a little more unconventional. I really loved how I Iooked, but more importantly, how I felt all day-- comfortable. The look only got better once I took the cap off and let my 'fro free. lol

What's your #LiveRich vibe today? Have you thrifted any fun finds lately? I'd love to see them. Tag me at @AdventuresOfALiveRichMommy on Instagram using the hashtag #LiveRichStyle.

Until next week, #LiveRi¢h and Happy Dream Chasing!



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