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"The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him." 

Psalm 28:7

  • Erica Lasan

My Vision for 2018: A Year of Immeasurably More Than I Can Ask Or Imagine

Seeds of Vision

Today marks the first day of 2018.

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with my #LiveRi¢hMommy friend Sunnie about things that we would like to accomplish in 2018. This conversation led to us discussing vision boards, and the next thing I knew we were in the process of hitting up all of our other Live Rich mommy friends over to Sunnie's place for a Vision Board party Wednesday of the following week. Well that day came and went. Many of the mommies weren't able to make it due to well, life. lol But Sunnie and I continued on with our plans to visualize all of the goodness to come with our littles.

What ensued involved tons of paper, scissors, glue, glitter, and tons of mess... and by the end of the night our Vision boards were nowhere near complete. lol But what was most important was that we started, and that our kiddos had fun in the process as well! A full post on all of that goodness is to come later in the month, so please subscribe and stay tuned!

What I Gained in 2017

2017 was a year of immense growth, adjustment and assessment for me. I ended the year with no job, barely any money in my personal account, and more credit card debt then I've ever had in my life (it's not the worst, but also not my ideal situation). I'm not sharing all of this because I don't have any pride, or because I want anyone's awwwweees. I'm sharing this to stand as a marker for the change that I'm claiming, and declaring will happen in my life this year (2018) through faith.

Since I graduated from college 9 years ago, everything I've done in terms of aspiring to build the various aspects of a career (hosting, jewelry designing, creative consulting, and digital marketing) has been plotted, planned, strategized, and executed by me and me alone. Becoming a mother almost 2 years ago caused me to take serious time to pause on my hustle; and this year I've been thinking about my purpose and how to best utilize my talents to God's glory. Starting back in July (around my 30th birthday) the question of my purpose really started to weigh heavy on me: What am I doing? Why am I here? What's the point? What have I accomplished?

These questions and others lead me to seek answers in a place I hadn't searched in a really long time: The Bible. I was thirsty and tired of trying to "figure things out". Thirsty for answers, thirsty for peace of mind, and just thirsty for the reassurance that I was not a failure entering this next decade of my life. I just wanted the plan for my life to be revealed to me so I didn't have to think so much.

I started reading my bible d a little more and found a home church nearby-- which was HUGE (since I hadn't really been going to church since I came to New Jersey for college in 2005). I started listening to some praise and worship which really helped lift my spirit; and in September when I went down to Baltimore I had an awesome conversation with my home Pastor (Pastor Don, he's literally known me since I was born). This conversation encouraged me to surrender to the confusion that I'd been feeling, and has pushed me to sit in the discomfort of it all. I still haven't received answers and the "plan" that I sought out seeking, but over the past few months what I've received is peace of mind, and the assurance that I have been (and always will be) taken care of as long as I TRUST.

This said, in 2018 I'm choosing to surrender-- allowing my journey, purpose, and path to be led by The Holy Spirit. I mean, I've tried everything else on my own and I know how that works; so why not try something new? This year with my focus being Spiritual growth first and everything else second, I'm trusting God to do "immeasureably more than I can ask or imagine according to his work that is within [me]," Ephesians 3:20. This quote ultimately became the theme for my vision board for the new year.

I have a list of things that I'd like to complete in 2018, and I no set plan for how I'll accomplish them all outside of prayer, devotions, and God's hand. So I took those things and incorporated them into the vision board that I'd started to conceptualize at Sunnie's.

More Than I Can Ask Or Imagine

It's probably hard to see, so I'll list the biggies. While I'll be asking for these things through prayer (in addition to putting forth the efforts necessary so He can work through me), this year I'm expecting God to deliver immeasurably more than I can imagine in following areas:

Spiritual Wellness

a) Developing a closer relationship with Christ through daily devotions, prayer, and journaling

b) Reading the ENTIRE bible within the year to develop a deeper understanding of God's Word and promises for me, my family, and my life.

c) Getting involved in a church ministry-- so I'm not merely attending church, but I'm active as well


a) Getting back into creating for my QuÉrica Jewelry line- and launching 2 new collections this year

b) Creating consistent content and building this blog (Adventures Of A Live Rich Mommy) to a community/readership of at least 5,000 LiveRi¢h Mommies (and daddies!) who are sharing their stories, and living their best creative lives all while being rockstar parents!

c) Put together at least 2 in-person blog events! I'm really excited for this one. Stay tuned!

d) Building a solid and profitable mommy-biz with my #LiveRi¢hMommy friend Sunnie. More details will be released soon, but in the meantime please "Like" Our Little Project on Facebook and Instagram.

e) Consistent weekly video posts on QuÉricaTV (based on purposeful content around my vision) without being concerned about the numbers.


a) Make at least $50,000 throughout the year outside of a traditional job-- meaning from all of my personal projects/business mentioned above. But remember, this is the year of immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine. So that's a minimum!

b) Save at least $15,000 throughout the year in a savings account to eventually invest


a) Deliver a healthy baby in 2018

b) Lose all of my baby weight from both pregnancies, in order to attain a healthy weight and body image that I am happy with. This means losing at least 70 pounds (which is how much I gained when I was pregnant with Arria)-- pray for me friends! lol

c) Returning to my vegetarian diet (which ended while I was pregnant with Arria), and potentially working towards becoming Vegan... adjacent. lol I love eggs and cheese too much, so we'll see how that goes.


a) Being a productive stay-at-home mom (potentially "working" from home) for at least 6 months with the new baby

b) A family reunion

c) Planning a first-ever family vacation w/ our nuclear family (that hopefully becomes tradition!)

Personal Growth/Fun

a) Closing on our first home

b) Travel - at least 2 vacations. One of which being an international trip for personal growth, development, and relaxation

c) Service - volunteering where I am lead to serve others and where my God-given talents and experience will be well utilized.

While I'm not committed to how these results may come about, I am committed to trusting that through His work in me God will make them all happen by year's end!

2015 Momentum

Considering where 2017 has ended for me, accomplishing even a third of these things will be miraculous-- but I've decided to share them to serve as a point of reference for my testimony. I hope that these public declarations act as tangible examples of God's work and love for us constantly being shown when we trust in HIM through faith. All the Glory will belong to God, because I won't be able to do it without Him.

I'm also sharing these points as a reminder of things that I should be working on throughout the year, so you all (anyone who's reading this), can hold me accountable.

Back in 2015 I did a series on my channel that I titled #90DaysOfMomentum, where for 90 days straight I set out to create outstanding results for goals that I'd set. At the end of the 90 days, although I hadn't reached every goal set (I was very ambitious in what I'd set out to achieve), I was A WHOLE LOT CLOSER to where I wanted to be than when I'd started. Throughout this process I learned a couple of things about myself:

  1. When I dream, I dream BIG - I'm an ambitious goal setter. Some may say unrealistically so, but at the end of the day I believe that it's better to set your sights high and see where they take you, then settling for the everyday.

  2. I can get really creative when I want to get things done - Half way through the challenge I realized I wasn't making very much progress. At that point I realized that I had to get uncomfortable and shake things up. That thought resulted in a lot more progress in the second half of the challenge, in addition to meeting tons of new people (some new friends), and great conversations.

  3. It's beneficial to my growth, for me to share my vision with others - I think a lot of people have been raised to believe that it's better to keep quiet about the things you want to accomplish, and let actions speak for themselves. While this may carry true for some, this thought process doesn't work for me.

  • I need to be held accountable. Yes, as an adult I should be able to hold myself responsible and keep to my word (for my own benefit), but the reality of the situation is that as an adult you're going to do whatever you want to do regardless. Sharing my goals and visions help keep me in check because though others can't make me do anything, they can most certainly check in and encourage me along the way.

  • Sharing your vision with others can lead to blessings you wouldn't imagine. You never know who is following your journey, or who you may be inspiring by simply sharing-- and in the same token, you never know who can help bless your vision along the way. This could take shape as a financial blessing when it's most needed, a connection with a contact that may put your business in front of the right eyes, or even the introduction to a the business partner you never knew you even needed in order to take things to the next level. You just never know!

During some point of my 90 Days Of Momentum journey I had a friend from college, Cassandra reach out to me about my videos. Since graduating college she'd become a writer. She'd been following my journey and wanted to interview me. I agreed, not knowing that Cassandra was a writer for (which is also affiliated with two HUGE digital media sites. The interview and my #90DaysOfMomentum challenge was featured on both sites. Ultimately, I can't remember what the numbers were in terms of the page views, but what I do remember was receiving such encouraging comments and messages from readers who shared that the interview had inspired them to start their own personal #90DaysOfMomentum journeys! These shares touched me the most.

Using my past experiences, and relying on my newly revitalized faith I am trusting that 2018 will be a year for the books and a beautiful testimony of God's grace, love, and faithfulness. I can't wait!!! Leave a comment below sharing some of the things you wish to accomplish this year.

Wishing you much love, joy, blessings, prosperity, and peace this year. #LiveRi¢h, and Happy Dream Chasing!



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