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"The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him." 

Psalm 28:7

  • Erica Lasan

Welcoming #BabyReidNo2 aka "Baby Boy" Jaiyce

Heyaaaaa Richsters!

I know it's been a minute, but it's with good reason-- #BabyReidNo2 dropped last month. This time our mystery baby turned out to be #BlackBoyJoy!

Our son Jaiyce Oluwashola Reid arrived on February 22nd. We couldn't have been more excited, especially since this particular date also happens to be the birth date of my life's leading man, my husband Nicholas! :) Talk about having a Happy Birthday! I'll never have to get him another birthday gift ever again, because I've already given him the gift of life... and so far twice! HA!

I've often shared how much I enjoyed both of my pregnancies. Last year I even put out a TBT birth week vlog, and another detailing my delivery day. God really loves me, because this time my labor and delivery process went even better! I still had a normal vaginal delivery, but this time it was induced, and I knew what to expect-- so the entire process from start to finish lasted less than 10 hours, I barely felt the contractions (I timed it perfectly before opting for an epidural), and it was just me and Nick in the hospital as we waited for the babe to make a debut.

While inducing my labor definitely made some things different, some things didn't change... like us preparing a name in advance. One of my first AoALRM posts was one detailing how we came up with Arria's name. Just like last time, I didn't want to know the gender of our little bundle before delivery. And again, just like last time, Nick and I were at the hospital 3 hours after being discharged still trying to figure out what we would be calling "baby boy" (as Arria now affectionately calls him).

Eventually, after a lot of debate we finally came up with Jaiyce. The name is supposed to be a shortened version of Jason-- though I'm not completely sure if that's true. lol Jase (also spelled Jace), has two different meanings: In Hebrew, "the Lord Is My Salvation"; In Greek, "a healing." Jaiyce's middle name, "Oluwashola" (traditionally spelled, Oluwasola) is Yoruba meaning "God has made my wealth" or "God prospers me". We pray that as he grows, he grows into a man who carries these names with pride and dignity.

Anyway, there's a whole lot more to the story, but I'm pretty sure you just want to know how Jaiyce and Arria are getting along. The answer: SPLENDIDLY! Arria loves her "baby boy" and being a big sister! She's so helpful and loving towards him, gives him tons of morning kisses and high-fives, and every time she hears him crying she's quick to notify us as she runs over on big sister duty.

It has been a little over a month since my last video, and I could probably go on trying to explain all the cuteness that has been taking place in our home; but you'd probably enjoy it more just seeing it for yourselves. So keep an out for it sometime this weekend, fingers crossed (because Arria's birthday is this weekend).

What was it like the first time your first born met their new sibling? Share in the comments!

#LiveRi¢h, and Happy Dream Chasing.



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