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"The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him." 

Psalm 28:7

  • Erica Lasan

Four #LiveRichMommies You Should Be Following Now!

Hey there mamitas!

Did you know that today is National Best Friends Day? In an age where the internet has everyone feeling like digital celebrities and influencers are "sister-friends" in their heads; I am so blessed to have real sister-friends in my life. I'm constantly gushing about my Tribe... so in all actuality, I guess today isn't any different. :) Seriously though, if not for the fact that many of my friends are moms (and absolutely killing the mommyhood game) I'd probably be in the corner somewhere crying on a daily basis. In my opinion, a combined recipe of trust, love, support, purpose, communication, and relatability makes for bestie material-- and I experience all of them on the regular.

As a new mom, having my mommy tribe has helped keep me on track, helped me re-gain some inspiration, and has shown me that I have friends who not only understand what I'm going through, but also have my back. I know, they sound amazing right? And they are!

Well in celebration of #NationalBestFriendDay, I want to introduce you to members of my TRIBE, aka my bomb #LiveRichMommy friends! These women have it going on; and as if just being great friends wasn't enough, they are all incredibly talented, creative, and inspirational women. There's always something to take away from each of them that makes me a better person, creator, and yes-- even a better mother. Take a look, and you'll come to love them as much as I do!

Sheryl Gauntlett - @AntoinetteProdn

Sheryl and I met in college and have been best friends for almost 13 years. It's crazy to think of how much we've grown together: through our collegiate years, into corporate careers, meeting our husbands, getting married, and now through motherhood!

Sheryl is a super talented videographer, director, and a networking queen. In the span of ther 10 year career, Sheryl has worked on a number of notable shows and with countless hollywood legends. Working in film and television production, and having an average of 16 hour work-days, you can only imagine how busy this #LiveRichMommy is. Yet and still, as a friend whenever I'm in need of a chat, or quick catch up sesh she's always there to listen; offering suggestions, tips, and just keeping in touch, she just makes life so much better. It's because of Sheryl's friendship that I learned what it really takes to be a truly great friend-- that, and the power in keeping in touch/staying connected.

While many people network to say that they have a padded rolodex, Sheryl is amazing at staying genuinely connected with everyone. She's constantly on the move (she's moved around so many times that I can't keep track), but everywhere she goes she's sure to leave an impression because of her authentic ability to make relationships.

As if working with the stars doesn't keep her busy enough, Sheryl has always has an passion project (or two) stewing in her back pocket. A couple years ago she even wrote and directed an entire short film called ROOMMATES, and is currently in the process of developing another script!

Katie King - @FleaBittenMothEaten

I met my friend Katie back in 2011 while I was working at a boutique called Callaliai in SoHo. She worked in the building next door. We'd been work neighbors for months, but came together one fateful day over a heater-- or really, a lack of heat (lol thank you, rusty building and Con Edison!). The rest, as they say is history.

In the 7 years since since starting our friendship we've both come moms of two (her two boys Fox and Grey are absolutely adorable). I obviously loved Katie as a friend before she became a mom, but I was captivated even more after she had her kids. It was Katie who helped me realize that motherhood could be lit AF, and that parenthood could (and should) be done one's own terms. Katie opened my eyes to the world of millennial parenting (not that it's a generational thing), but newsflash: we aren't beholden to raising our kids the way our parents raised us!

I know, you're probably thinking "duh, Erica". It seems like common sense, but it takes an exercise in research, patience, knowing yourself, and what you want for your kids-- to discontinue habits customs, simply because they're tradition. Especially if they aren't things that you (or your partner agree with. Times have changed-- the world is a way different place than it was when our parents were growing up. And if your background is anything like mine, you've more than likely grown up in a different country than your parents (let alone a different society).

Of course all parents want the best for their children: to keep them safe, let them know that they're loved, and ensure that they're protected. But that can take form in many ways. It doesn't mean that our "new school" ways of parenting (whether you choose to be a non-spanking, baby-wearing, gentle parent, vegan, who opts for charter school versus public school and nurses)-- you're entitled to raise your child as you deem best for who you are, and where you re in life. The best part is that ultimately, you will be raising your child to be a open-minded, compassionate, and forward thinker, in a world that needs a little more compassion.

Sunshine Aboubakar - @AfricanBoheme

Next up is my homie Sunnie. If you've been following this blog, or if you follow me on my social channels (especially Instagram), then you've seen this lovely lady's name pop up on many occasions. That's because I literally see her for a cuddle and chill at least once a week. I absolutely LOVE and adore Sunnie for the inspiration that she's brought to my motherhood journey (on a multitude of levels). Honestly, the only reason why I am even inspired to be a #LiveRi¢h Mommy most days is on account of her awesome.

I met Sunnie about 6 years ago through a friend, of a friend's, friend. lol No lie (thanks Sheryl and Stephane!). I had a jewelry stand set up at an afterwork event. An introduction was made. Sunnie purchased one of my pieces. We started talking about our then-dreams of converting old school buses and trucks into mobile stores. Boom. We've been creative lovers ever since!

Sunnie is a woman of ideas, and a woman who puts those ideas to work-- so that also makes her a woman of action. When I met her all those years ago, Sunnie was running a vintage line with globally sourced items called Biddies and Blokes. Fun Fact: She was actually one of the first ever artists interviewed when I started my youtube channel's (QuÉricaTV's) Artist Highlights. You can watch that segment here. In the years since then, Sunnie has gone on to do some amazing things like: pack up her life and move to Australia, move back to the states, travel to God knows how many more countries, get married, start 3 new businesses... oh. and have a baby. And that's just to name a few.

As if that isn't enough to make you feel overwhelmed, our girl is plotting world domination through the encouragement of gentle motherhood and travel. Her two newest ventures: travel blog (African Boheme) and her multi-lingual flash cards to teach West African languages to toddlers, (Polyglot Tot), are poised to make sure that our next generation (especially our little girls), grow to be well spoken, well traveled, and magnanimous beings.

Did your head spin just hearing all that she has accomplished so far? How she manages to do it I have no idea, but I love being a witness to her awesome.

Flo - @TokyoFlo

I met Tokyo (and her cute son Greyson) almost a year ago at CurlFest through Sunnie, and we've been in obsessed ever since. It's a legit celebration every time we meet up, and we (along with our hoard of children) wouldn't have it any other way. lol In addition to working in education with special needs children, Flo is a SUPER talented photographer. Like, fo'reals... I already know wherever we go and whatever we do, when Flo is around there is no need for me to pull out my camera. Flo is always ready to capture the moment and lock memories DOWN!

Recently Flo has also added designer to her ever-expanding list of talents, as she now has a line of custom made designer flu masks. Talk about swag. The keeping germs to oneself has never looked so cool!

Aside from her being a mommy of many talents, my relationship with Flo has really taught me to embrace who I am in all my fullness. As a mom Flo is always quick to love her son and let him know just how cherished he is. As a woman (while raised in New York) Flo is a proudly reps her Haitan roots, has a taste for the "finer things," and rocks a Hello Kitty tattoo. Ha! Who says as a mom you can't be multi-faceted black mom? She wears her culture and who she is with pride-- like we all should!

We've only known each other a relatively short time, but I can't wait to see how my friendship with this Live Rich mama blossoms over the years.

While this post is to share some of my closest friends who are moms and what they're up to, there are SO MANY #LiveRichMommies that inspire me on a regular basis. The internet is a great place to find bawse moms who are really doing it up-- and I've been fortunate to have had personal interactions/relationships (at some point) with some of my personal favorites including: Dayna Bolden (@DaynaBolden), Christina Bright (@ChrisMiss) , Christina Brown (@LoveBrownSugar), Jodie Paterson (@JodiePatterson), Andrea DeBourg (@MommyInspires) and hope to come across Ashlea Chea (@WatermelonEggRolls) and my boo Freddie Harrell (@FreddieHarrel) some day soon.

There are others, but as I'm writing this it's now 5:30AM and I'm sitting in a soaked shirt and bra (I'm way past due to nurse Jaiyce). I digress. If you're looking for a daily dose of momspiration, take a minute to follow those ladies, their babies, and their creative journeys. In the future I'm sure I'll be sharing others.

In the meantime, if you're reading this post then hopefully you're following me as well. If not, I'd love for you to join the #LiveRi¢hMommy Tribe and subscribe! If you find value in this space, please tag a Live Rich Mommy friend and share with anyone who may like to be a part of our rich mommyhood!

Until the next time, nourish your mom tribe; send some light, love, and hugs to a mommy near you today.

#LiveRi¢h, and Happy Dream Chasing!



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