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"The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him." 

Psalm 28:7

  • Erica Lasan

#90DaysOfMomentum - Q4 (2018 Vision) Update

Hola Hola My Richter fam!

We are officially 3 weeks into October, and with that 22 days into my #90DaysOf Momentum Challenge. Earlier this year, I declared this year the year of "immeasurably more than I could ask or imagine," according to God's will and plan for my life. You can read more about that here.

At the start of October I did a post acknowledging how much has occurred in the past 10 months; but it dawned on me just how much I still have left to go in order to fulfill some of the ambitious and outrageous goals that I'd set at the start of the year. I had to take a moment and get real with myself. Have I been operating at my highest potential? Have I been doing all that I really can in order to make some of those things happen? Am I fully utilizing the full scope of my resources? Or is a part of me still operating in fear or doubt that I may not be able to achieve some of those things? The answer to many of those questions was a loud "NO!" In this, I realized that it's time to kick myself into high-gear and challenge myself to another #90DaysOfMomentum! So for the past couple weeks I've been doing just that.

When I set this intention, I shared some my aspirations for this challenge in an insta-story (pssst: please kindly give me a "follow"! lol). In doing this announcement, I realized that I hadn't shared much of what I've been working on, and my progress in what I have achieved and what's left to achieve this year. After all, how can we possibly measure what left has to be done, without first taking inventory of what has already been accomplished?!? Answer: you can't! So I took a poll asking my followers if they would like a 2018 vision update and the answer was a resounding 100% YES! Given that response, for today's blog post I'm sharing a list of my remaining Q4 goals, in comparison to those goals I set out at the beginning of the year.

My 2018 Vision goals included all of the things listed below. Projects thatI have yet to start or complete are written in black. The things written in green are the things that have been accomplished, and the things written in orange are things that are currently in progress (and active works of faith!). Anything with a "**" are insights to the progress of the goals, or how the initial goals/vision may have shifted. Let's take a look:

Spiritual Wellness

a) Developing a closer relationship with Christ through daily devotions, prayer, and journaling

b) Reading the ENTIRE bible within the year to develop a deeper understanding of God's Word and promises for me, my family, and my life.**

**I got a little derailed with this one especially after giving birth to Jaiyce. It feel behind as a priority. But I'm happy to share that at the end of August I recommitted myself to making this happen-- maybe it won't all happen before the end of the year, but so far I've been more in God's word than I have EVER in my life. Not only this, but God has spoken to me and my life has been so enriched by the time and words that I've consumed by way of setting out such an ambitious goal! This is the point!

c) Getting involved in a church ministry-- so I'm not merely attending church, but I'm active as well**

**I just attended my new members class this past Saturday (10/20/18) to officially become a member of West Hudson Christian Center! I've been attending this particular church for almost 2 years, but have yet to settle into serving as a member. So i look forward to sharing my talents/gifts with the congregation and community


a) Getting back into creating for my QuÉrica Jewelry line- and launching 2 new collections this year**

**I've developed the sample pieces, and am in the process of revamping/re-designing the site. So mark your calendars because by God's grace, everything should be ready for launch by 11/11/18!!!

b) Creating consistent content and building this blog (Adventures Of A Live Rich Mommy) to a community/readership of at least 5,000 LiveRi¢h Mommies (and daddies!) who are sharing their stories, and living their best creative lives all while being rockstar parents!**

**I've changed the name of the blog to Live Rich Mommy, and some pretty exciting collaborations that started in late September could be on the way to making this happen!

c) Put together at least 2 in-person blog events! I'm really excited for this one. Stay tuned!

d) Building a solid and profitable mommy-biz with my #LiveRi¢hMommy friend Sunnie. More details will be released soon, but in the meantime please "Like" Our Little Project on Facebook and Instagram.

e) Consistent weekly video posts on QuÉricaTV (based on purposeful content around my vision) without being concerned about the numbers.**

**This is shaping up a little differently than I'd expected, but in the best way possible. I'm realizing that what's important isn't that it happens exactly how I envisioned it, but that it's happening at all. So while I haven't been posting videos on my channel consistently, I have most definitely been creating and producing content with our friends over at Rock You! That totally still counts as me working/building my craft!


a) Make at least $50,000 throughout the year outside of a traditional job-- meaning from all of my personal projects/business mentioned above. But remember, this is the year of immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine. So that's a minimum!**

**So full disclosure: this is one of the biggest stretches of Faith for me... But I know and trust that the God I serve makes the impossible, possible. That said, we have about $45k left to see this happen friends (do the math,lol), but the Lord works in mysterious and miraculous ways-- so it could literally happen overnight (heyyyyyy Mega Millions, I see you! ;-P) JK LOL.

Seriously, though I'm planning on launching a brand by the name of LRM (sound familiar?) In an effort to see this vision through! Stay tuned!

b) Save at least $15,000 throughout the year in a savings account to eventually invest**

**Well obviously as the above takes place, this will be a breeze!


a) Deliver a healthy baby in 2018 (read about it here)

b) Lose all of my baby weight from both pregnancies, in order to attain a healthy weight and body image that I am happy with. This means losing at least 70 pounds (which is how much I gained when I was pregnant with Arria)-- pray for me friends! lol**

**So far, I've lost about 35 pounds, with about 25-30 left to go to achieve my desired weight. I purchased a kickboxing/punching bag last week in an effort to support my desire to loose weight and have fun (taking it back to my kickboxing days!) haha. But i also recognize the need to focus on diet, which leads me to my next point...

c) Returning to my vegetarian diet (which ended while I was pregnant with Arria), and potentially working towards becoming Vegan... adjacent. lol I love eggs and cheese too much, so we'll see how that goes.


a) Being a productive stay-at-home mom (potentially "working" from home) for at least 6 months with the new baby

b) A family reunion

c) Planning a first-ever family vacation w/ our nuclear family (that hopefully becomes tradition!)

Personal Growth/Fun

a) Closing on our first home

b) Travel - at least 2 vacations. One of which being an international trip for personal growth, development, and relaxation

c) Service - volunteering where I am lead to serve others and where my God-given talents and experience will be well utilized.

Every once in a while we need a little reminder of where we've been, to assess where we're going. This evaluation has been super helpful for me, and is helping me remember what I need to re-prioritize and other goals that I may need to reconsider all together. With that in mind, I hope this run-down has been beneficial for you too. I'd like to encourage (and challenge!) you to go back to the drawing board and consider all the ways you can boss-up in these last weeks of 2018.

I'm looking forward to knocking out more/if not ALL of the remainder or these 2018 goals-- trusting that in Faith (and with actionable steps), they will all come to pass. I can't wait to share with you all how God has showed up, and showed out during my End of Year review video/post-- so make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter (we don't spam), and our channel!

What are some outrageous/ambitions things that you are hoping for the rest of 2018? Share them in the comments below and on our facebook page! Until the next time, happy boss-momming! #LiveRi¢h and Happy Dream Chasing!



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