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"The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him." 

Psalm 28:7

  • Erica Lasan

My Bold Experience (The Bold Experience Event Recap)

Hey there Richsters!

It has officially been a week, but I'm back in Baltimore after a week of moving and shaking up and down the NorthEast. If you follow me on instagram then you may have seen that on November 10th I attended the first ever Bold Experience, hosted by the marvelous and SERIOUSLY fabulous, blogger Dayna Bolden. My love and appreciation for Dayna goes beyond her influencer status. Dayna is a gem of a person who selflessly drops gems, good vibes, and nuggets of useful information for her audience on a daily basis. But aside from this, when it comes down to the meat and sauce of it, Dayna is just a beautiful human being (both inside, and out!). She's so humble and sweet!

In 2016, a couple months after having my first child (Arria), I went through a bit of a dry spell creatively. I felt uninspired, blah, and like my life (though I loved being a mom) wasn't a passionate one, I felt like I was loosing sight of who I was and the things that I wanted for myself and my purpose. It was low-key terrifying. I consider myself a pretty positive person, so I didn't want to call how I was feeling "depressed," but I found myself crying some days wondering what my calling was and what I was really living for. I remember having conversations expressing my thoughts and feelings at the time with my younger brother, Brian (@lasanlives). In one of those conversations he suggested that I follow a Baltimore-based blogger (who also happened to be a mom) @DaynaBolden! I happily followed and soaked up her positivity and good vibes. And later on, when I finally gathered the guts to start my blog (which was something I'd been talking about doing for almost 2 years), I found her business and content-related posts to be SUPER helpful.

A couple months later I happened to be at #Curlfest in Brooklyn, looked to my right and who's blanket did I see parked 10 feet from ours? DAYNA'S! So I went over and introduced myself telling her how much I loved her content. I told her that I'm from Baltimore and that whenever I came home I would love to take her out and chat over coffee or something. She graciously responded, "Let's do it!" Less than two months later we did!

MY BOLD EXPERIENCE Fast-forward a little over a year, and Dayna has put on her first event, and it 👏🏾was👏🏾 EVERYTHING!👏🏾 Words can't express how full and light my spirit was all day. Meeting so many stylish, beautiful and melanin-rich, like-minded women with good vibes and positive energy. That was the cherry on top of all of the GEMS (and shared experiences) that were dropped by Dayna, her guest speaker Michelle McKinney (@Michelle.McKinney), and the Q&A host Chardelle Moore (@ChardelleMoore)! Every woman that was there (and that I spoke with) left feeling empowered, inspired, a little more emboldened to follow their calling with purpose... and with a couple of new sister-friends/connections added to the rolodex!

I did a couple of insta-stories the next day introducing you to a couple of my new favorite ladies including: Jewel (@LifesAJewel), April Christina (@ImAprilChristina), Courtney (@TheNewNormalStylingCo), La-Anna (@HopeStillStands_LLC), Jasmine (@StrategistJas), Lala (@LalaNaturallyMe), Jelisa Smith (@JelisaSmithCoaching)-- I even happened to run into one of my friends and former cheer-mate from college Andrea (@Naturalle_Drea), and one of my fave bloggers Rocky (@ItsARockyWorld).

I'm telling you now, all of these women-- and I'm sure many of the others in attendance who I didn't get the opportunity to meet-- are definitely ones to have on your radar, so go ahead and give them a follow! :) .

Now, let's hop into the meat and bones of this BOLD event!


Let's just talk about how much of a POWERHOUSE Dayna is. I mentioned how amazing my experiences of her have been since meeting her-- but to put that into perspective, please consider the following:

  1. 70% of the event attendees traveled from out of state -- I'm talking hopped on a plane... with some of the furthest travelers coming from as far as Texas, Florida, Kentucky, and North Carolina!

  2. She spent the first 2 hours of the event meeting, greeting, and taking pictures with all of the event attendees who waited in line to connect with her.

  3. As a very personal bonus: with every gift bag that was given to those who came out came a personally addressed (by name ya'll) hand-written thank you notes for every. single. guest!

Do you guys know how LONG and strenuous that last point alone can be??? I remember after Arria's baby showers back in 2016 I wrote hand-written thank you's for everyone who blessed us. It took a couple months, and it eventually got done-- but not before my wrist and fingers (not to mention my brain, lol) were aching and in pain. lol. I was committed-- but I was also pregnant and home just waiting for a baby to drop. Dayna is a mother herself, runs her creative consulting company, creates content, manages to reply and engage with the audience of said content, and then made time to hand write some notes?!?! I' m telling you, next level boss-dom!

During her event she shared that it's the purpose of her mission that keeps her going. Her mission is simple: Inspire women to do all things with love, passion, and STYLE. ...and each of those elements are reflected in her presence both online and in-person, but they were definitely reflected throughout the event; which brings me to my next point... The details!


Dayna shared that the event planner was the beautiful Angela Walker (@AngelaGoneSocial). Angela's design was so clean, cohesive, and chic-- all of which is very characteristic of the Dayna Bolden brand.

As soon as I walked into the event space (Studio 4), my mouth dropped at the beauty of the space. The design elements created a soft and feminine atmosphere that played beautifully against the grey brick backdrop of the warehouse/loft space. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed (in a good way) with everything that was going on, so I didn't take many pictures; but you can view some amazing atmosphere shots here. I promise you, it's like the space was made specifically for Dayna as the grey played perfectly into Dayna's cohesively branded color story-- if you follow her you know exactly which colors I'm talking about (shoutout to that rose gold, white, and grey). lol. There were inverted hanging white roses everywhere, a "bold woman" stand with hanging quotes (which we later discovered would serve another purpose), and a beautiful white flower wall that was the an amazing backdrop for all of the official photos and selfies taken!


As a Nigerian whenever you attended an event you're usually sent home with trinkets or little tokens of appreciation for your attendance. I'm typically not one for tchotchkes, but I LOVEDDDD everything that was set for us to take away from the event. Why? Because it won't sit in my home as clutter, and they can all be put to use! lol

Included in the details of the day's design were free professional headshots (taken by Crystale Spearman @EYEImagery), and a ton of purposeful branded gifts for those in attendance. Each guest's seat was set with the following:

  • a program of the day's events

  • a Bold Experience post card

  • a Bold Experience Champagne flute

  • an (again) color-branded signature'd Dayna Bolden book for journaling and taking notes during the event -- Ya'll know I love a good journal! (Remember my post from earlier this year?) :)

  • a worksheet explaining some of the guiding concepts, tips, and gems of the day

  • and a beautiful rose gold diamond-topped pen that came with a #DroppingGems stand (this was probably one of my favorite details).

That "bold women tree" that I mentioned earlier wasn't just pretty, it was a purposeful and functional design element. Before the event ended, we were told to fill out the postcards included at out seats and fill in the blanks. It was essentially a postcard addressed to ourselves asking us questions about that we want to accomplish and our mission for the next year. As we completed the card, we were told to clip it on the Bold Women tree, and in exchange we were to receive a quote of encouragement. The kicker is that those self-addressed postcards will be mailed out to us at a random time of Dayna's choosing, as a friendly reminder (and loving kick in the butt), to keep focused and take actionable steps towards our dreams.

When I tell you, she spared NO details-- she thought of everything!

... And it didn't end there, because she sent us home with one of the swaggiest (and HEAVIEST) of swaggy gift bags I have ever received from an event. It was so much, that I blessed my family with some of it so I wouldn't have to carry it all home! lol . Included in the bags were the following:

  • A branded "Bold Experience" tote to hold all the goodies

  • 5 bottles of Maui Moisture lotion

  • Aveeno Body Wash

  • EuropeanWax Center face masks

  • Palmer's facial oil - which I'm super excited about because I've been looking for a new one

  • Shea Moisture Black soap Clarifying mud clay mask and black soap bar

  • Clinique "My Happy" fragrance

  • Clinique Pop Splash lip gloss

  • ElleVie - handcrafted whipped body butter -- (OMGGGGG YOU GUYS I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and hope to review for you all soon. It smells and feels DIVINE!)

  • A beautiful beaded bracelet from @SassyJonesBoutique

  • EYLure Jasmine Brown lashes

  • Hue Noire Lip gloss

Ya'll, it was a lot... but in the best of ways. Like beauty Christmas came early! lol


I legit almost missed out on the opportunity to attend this inaugural event, but I'm so glad I didn't -- shoutout to Dayna opening up a waitlist for tickets (after the initial set of tickets sold out in hours)! lol

The tickets were $50-- which was AMAZING considering all of the event takeaways (both literally and figuratively). lol We definitely got beyond the maximum bang for our buck. And for those of you wondering, if it was worth traveling across state lines and the solo 3-hour road trip with the babies? I think I can speak for the other 70% (who also hoped on a train, plane, or road-tripped it by car or bus) when I say, "most definitely!". I would do it again, and can't wait for the Bold Experience 2019!

#MyBoldExperience (and my experience of Dayna in general) has always been one of love, light, kindness, humility, and inspiration. I hope you all take a moment to head over to check out her page as well as her event page (The Bold Experience). You won't be sorry!

How many of you plan on coming out and being inspired next year? Comment below and let me know if you follow Dayna, how she inspires you most-- and how you enjoyed this event recap! :)

Until the next time, Happy Thanksgiving, #LiveRi¢h and Happy Dream chasing loves!



pc: @EYEImagery

ps: In case you were wondering, my look was another sibbie collab with my sister Christine (@Hershey_Kissed_). More on that in a future post, so check back in, and sign up for our mailing list, so you can know when it drops! -)

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