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Psalm 28:7

  • Erica Lasan

Luxe Getaways: Gather Greene Review

Hey there Richster Fam!!!

Every year the stress of the Holidays has my shoulders up to my ears in tension. It's in moments like this that I wish I could just getaway.

For the past couple of years I've been proposing this idea to my family. Rather than each of us spending obscene amounts of money on things (just for the sake of getting gifts), that we take that money and put it towards a shared experience. If you've been following my blog for the past year, then you probably remember the blog post that was basically a rant about the Holidays and how commercialized it is. You can read about that over HERE.

Anyway, this year Nick and I took a moment to get ahead of the craziness of the Holiday season. Between the kids, work, and traveling back and forth between Jersey and Maryland-- some "us time" was very much due. Last year, we took a mini get-away to Alexandria, VA. You can watch the vlog HERE.

When it comes to "alone time," and reconnecting with your significant other, nothing helps more than being out in nature. Typically we LOVE camping (as seen here, and here), but with the weather making a turn for the worst aka cold season, I wasn't sure what I would find. But that said, I've low-key always kind of had a fantasy (okay, more like a vision lol) of spending time comfortably snowed in together in a cabin while in the middle of nature.

Keeping that in mind, I made sure to seek out locations that would allow us to enjoy nature, without having to be out in it. It has always just been an idea of a vision, so I kept it in mind I searched for a place for us to have out "Parent time-out." An hour into my search my mouth dropped and I couldn't stop gawking. Apparently my "idea of a vision" was a reality at a majestic place called Gather Greene... and only a two-hour drive away! Boom! We took a mini "bae-cation" to recalibrate and reconnect in the Hudson Valley (Coxsakie, NY) at the beautiful campgrounds of Gather Greene! It was as a match made in R&R heaven.


My first impressions of Gather Greene literally resulted in tingles down my spine, and my heart pounding from excitement. I know, who would've thought images of a place intended for relaxation could have such an effect on the body?! lol

We're really blessed with a loving and supportive family that encourages us to enjoy time alone together. So for the 2.5 hour drive up Nick and I chatted, joked (and of course, checked up on the kids)-- Arria had been spending time in Baltimore with my family, and Jaiyce was spending time with Nick's grandparents.

Driving up to the campgrounds we couldn't help but grin. Being that it was the end of the season, the grounds were empty. Outside of natures inhabitants (ie: deer, birds, and squirrels) and the owners, we were the only ones on the 100-acre property. Stepping into Gather Greene's massive open-air Pavilion, I couldn't help but look out over the mountains and think about God's goodness. It was all so beautiful. We were truly about to spend an amazing time in nature's playground!

Nestled behind the pavilion are the seventeen cabins that seemed to have been constructed from my dreams... I'll dive into that a bit more later. ;-) Tucked away to the left of the community cabins was was also a quarry and a pond. It was all so nice to walk during the winter, so I can only imagine how much more lovely the spaces are during the warm summer months.


Many of you may not know this about me, but I'm allergic to the cold. lol You'd probably never know it looking at many of the images we took, but it was FREEZING during our stay. It was literally 20 degrees outside... but the inside of the cabins were warmed and cozy to perfection. That's because given the modern and functional design of the space, all of the Gather Greene cabins come equipped with A/C and Heat. But that's not all, other accommodations included:

  • A tea kettle

  • Mini Fridge

  • Amazing drip coffee for your indulgent on-the-go caffeinated pleasure

  • A full-function heated in-house shower and flushing toilet

  • Organic oatmeal for breakfast and to get your day going right

  • A SUPER PLUSH and cozy king-sized bed with quality sheets and linens

  • Plush, clean, quality towels and wash cloths

  • hygienic amenities sources from local businesses: bath wash, shampoo, conditioner, and soap that boast the amazing scents of natures great outdoors (like pine and cedar!)

With all of this said, being that Gather Greene is just wrapping up its first season, there are a couple of things that are still in the works. One of which being it's food servicing options. When Gather Greene was initially developed, it was constructed to service weddings and corporate retreats. But because there has been so much interest in their event space for personal stays during the week, the option for weekly individual reservations was made available. least for the time being. That said, there is a kitchen available on the premise, but it's a commercial kitchen and only available for the use of events like those mentioned above. And being that Gather Greene is situated in middle of nature, typical camping practices (like grilling on site, or eating open food around the cabins), aren't encouraged.

Knowing this, Jackie and Amna made themselves readily available, open, and text ready. So when it came time for dinner they were prepped with Amazing recommendations in town. Recommendations like : American Glory - a classic American BBQ joint (with class) lol. ...That had a surprisingly delicious veggie burger-- Like seriously (one of the biggest) and tastiest I've ever had. And the fries were amazing too! Outside of recommendations, Jackie and Amna are planning a food service for next season, so I'm sure there will be updates on that by the time reservations for 2019 come in.

The design of Gather Greene's cabins are so compact and functional. We were only in town for two days, so we didn't have a lot--but there was so much space. Our bags, equipment, clothes, and everything else, packed away conveniently and neatly. Utilizing the closet space, and under-bed storage, the space never felt cluttered or cramped. They thought of everything; down to including hooks for hanging, and their placement. For some reason this really excited me (lol) they were perfectly placed in a position that worked for coats and bags, but then was also perfect for grabbing your towel after leaving the shower! #ItsTheLittleThings. lol


Okay, okay. By now I'm sure you're over me explaining how amazing and beautiful our stay at Gather Greene was, and you just want to see some for yourself. Right?! Don't worry, no offense taken-- I figured that this would happen, so we prepared a little video!

So check out the vlog that Nick and I made documenting a little bit of our stay... you know when we weren't basking in the goodness of having to do absolutely nothing.

(tee hee *wiggle brow, wiggle brow**)

As a bonus treat: we were lucky enough to speak with Amna and Jackie-- the Co-founders and Co-designers of this beautiful luxury retreat and event space. ...and what we're sure is about to be the vib-iest sanctuary for rest in the coming years.

I'll probably be sharing that video sometime in the future. So make sure to check it out, and if you like these videos then you'll probably like some of our others-- so please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel!


Now that you got to experience a little of the goodness that was Gather Greene, you're probably amped and ready to make your reservations, right? Cool! But before you do, here are a couple of things you should know (that I wish I'd known) ahead of time:

  1. Pack a lot of warm clothes-- especially a winter parka (if you have one) and gloves

  2. Boots - thank God I opted to wear my rain books (which are heavy duty) they came in quite handy

  3. Bring shower friendly sandals - the shower was an amazingly clean tiled walk-in shower. But I'm always weird about being in showers that aren't bath tubs, and even then I get weirded out by the idea of athletes foot and other weird stuff. These showers were awesome, but if you don't like doing bare feet on tiled shower floors, then this notice is for you. lol

  4. Pack snacks! Like I mentioned earlier, because you're out in nature, there aren't many store options less than a 10-minute drive away. Many of the suggested eateries were about a half-hour from the Gather Greene premises. So in the event that you get hungry, or you're ready to grab some grub, you do have to take that timing into consideration-- it's good to have something to hold you over until then.


If you're looking to treat yo'self to a RICH experience, or put you (and your boo) on a luxe "parent time-out," I couldn't recommend this site any more! It was the perfect getaway. The only thing we wished was that we could have stayed longer!

Now that that I've shared all the goodness, I'd love to hear from you guys!

What do you look for most when it's time for R&R with your boo? And are you ready for a Gather Greene retreat? .... just kidding. I already know you are! lol Unfortunately for now the campgrounds are closed for the winter season, but they will be open and ready for bookings again starting in April 2019. So make sure you mark your calendars to get ahead of the rush and set a relaxing reservation.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you all. How'd you like this review? Would you like to see more reviews of our travels, space visits, and stays? Let us know! :)

Until the next time, #LiveRi¢h and Happy Dream Chasing mamas!



PC: Nicholas Reid

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