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"The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him." 

Psalm 28:7

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Frugal Friday: Planning Fun with Kids (on A Budget)!

A Visit to Fosterfield's Living Farm in Morristown, NJ - July 5, 2019

Hey there Ri¢hster Fam, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

I hope you've had a wonderful this week so far as you get ready for an eventful weekend. Speaking of eventful happenings, today we're talking about Fun... CHEAP summer fun! Now that the Summer season is here and the kids are out of school, if you're a parent your #1 priority is probably this: Keep the kids occupied and distracted at by any means necessary!

...Okay, let's keep it real. Not ANY means necessary, because keeping the kids amped up on summer-time fun can be exhausting and expensive! As much as we want the kids to get out, explore, and enjoy themselves, the fun shouldn't have to come at the expense of your funds. Don't worry! There are plenty of ways to make the most of the season without breaking the bank (or your peace of mind). We're sure that you'll not only enjoy save coins with these tips-- hey, you may even enjoy partaking in the experiences yourself!

Take Advantage of Your Local Library

One of the greatest resources in making my family fun come to life has been thanks to my local library. Prior to moving last year, I hadn't used the library much outside of needing quiet time to myself to write... and I would honestly use it as an option when I was trying to avoid spending coins at my local cafe. lol

Once we moved, with Jaiyce being so little (4 months at the time) I needed to find a place where we could go in A/C, where the kids could have fun, and I could find a moment of relief for myself. The library became that place. It was was also SUPER helpful that there's a huge playground, softball/soccer fields, and the town's municipal pool located on the same grounds. Talk about a win-win!

We started coming for the A/C but since joining we've gained so much more! Remember earlier this year when I shared that I wanted to feed more of my love for art by going to more museums (with the kids)? Well, after joining the library I learned that they have a whole program that gives library patrons FREE passes to a number of museums and cultural programs-- both locally (here in Morris County) and in New York City! This program has been such a blessing because is was literally something that I'd written out on my 2019 vision board. Tell me manifestation isn't real, and I can give countless personal experiences that show otherwise... this being one of them!

Thanks to this great program, the kids and I have been fun-ing it up! So far we've visited:

  • The Morris Museum

  • The Montclair Art Museum

  • The Fairfield Historical Living Farm

  • The Guggenheim

  • And a number of other cool things as can be seen in the gallery below...

The best part, it that there's no limit to the number of times you can utilize the passes, and the program runs all year round. So with the changing galleries/exhibits every visit is a new experience!

Things to keep in mind: every library is different in it's programming and offerings, so check and see what yours offer. While you're at it, you should also check your county library offerings, because they may offer more resources that you're qualified to participate in. For example, our Chatham Library is awesome; but because it's a part of the Morris County library system I'm automatically privy to the use of the full county system's resources. In addition to this, I live 15 minutes away from the Morris County library itself, and they have BOMBTASTIC offerings and even more fun things to do like: open mics, drive in movie nights, stem camp for kids, language classes, and other goodness. So see what you can get into with yours! :)

Online Resources

Check out some of these awesome online resources for fun things to do in your area: solo, with your kids, or even with your partner. The best part? You don't have to go spending all of your dough to witness the family having a great time!

Mommy Poppins

Fun New Jersey

(or whatever the equivalent would be for your state)


Time Out

The Penny Hoarder

Summer stage

Quick & Easy Fun with Friends

Don't have time to sift through the sites mentioned above? No worries, I got you! Check out these 10 fun (easy to organize) and inexpensive activities to consider doing with your kids:

  1. Visit your local Apple store and learn a new tech-y skill

  2. The beach (Check out the first time we took Arria to the beach)

  3. Plan a picnic with other mom friends

  4. Fruit picking (So far we've done blueberries, apples, and strawberries!)

  5. A movie under the stars

  6. Get together with other friends to put together a massive game night.

  7. Local bookstores that have storytime (Indigo Books at our mall hosts one regularly)

  8. Walking Trails

  9. Splash Pads / Local Water Parks

  10. Go to a free concert (SummerStage is happening all over the City,all season)

**ps: some of these also double as great inexpensive date-night ideas! #YoureWelcome ;-)

In addition to this, you'll find that your friends make great resources for fun. I've gained a ton of great ideas of things to do with the kids by way of everyday convo with my mom friends. The bonus is that sometimes they're able to join, so it doubles as a mommy hang/playdate. (You guys know I'm all about a good win-win!) lol

I hope that you've found this to helpful. Because while all of the stores are already gearing up and promoting Back-to-school sales, there are still tons of summer memories to be made. Now that I've shared my tips, I'd love to hear some of yours! Where do you find fun things to do with your kids. And if you've been adventure-izing with your kids all season, please share some of the activities as inspiration in the comments below!

Until the next time, #LiveRi¢h and Happy Dream Chasing!



A Happy Trip into NYC!